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Use the tabs below to navigate through the various brands and categories to find the type of equipment you are looking for. If you don’t see your brand or tool, contact us to check if we work on your equipment – we probably do! We are a fully authorized parts centre our warehouse is full of quality parts, if we don’t have it in stock we can usually order it in for you.

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Also known as pneumatic tools, this equipment is powered by compressed air or CO2. Air tools are incredibly diverse and have applications across construction, oil and gas, and automobile businesses. We have parts for all air tool repairs, no matter what the industry.


Powered by an internal electric motor, electric tools are typically more expensive and heavier than pneumatic tools. Electric equipment is commonly found in the automotive, construction, industrial and assembly line industries. From industrial uses to construction hand tools, we have the perfect parts for all electric tool repairs.


Used to lift or lower heavy loads, industrial hoists are invaluable to high profile businesses across Canada. Newspaper, manufacturing, and warehousing industries commonly make use of heavy hoisting equipment. We store parts for all the top hoist manufacturers on site.


Designed to lock into place on steel beams, magnetic base drills allow for easy handling when drilling overhead. Commonly found on construction and oil and gas sites, no matter the business we have parts for industrial tool repair.


Hydraulic machinery are tools that use hydraulic fluid to complete jobs with controlled movements. Large amounts of power are characteristic of hydraulic equipment, making this equipment more common in construction, manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas industries. We have the parts you need for all hydraulic repair and maintenance needs.

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